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Meet The Team
Valerie Staggs
Valerie is a graduate of Ithaca College with more than 20 years as a creative professional and a background in marketing, sales, creative development and business strategy. Her specialties include: creative concepting, media negotiation, copywriting, promotions, event planning, TV/radio production, and marketing and business plan development. She is three-time past president and current state chairperson of the American Advertising Federation.

Valerie is a stickler for the smallest details, with a penchant for getting it 100 percent right no matter what “it” is. Yet she’s also about the most laidback business owner and manager you’ll ever meet or are lucky enough for whom to work. Which is a bit of an enigma for a driven entrepreneur, but somehow she makes it work. Val is a dedicated mother of a precocious son named Ryan William Staggs, after whom the Agency is named. She juggles motherhood, her staff, her dogs and ongoing education with the warmth, patience and gentle humor of Mr. Rogers while running her business with the controlled calculation of Jason Bourne.

Head Person
"I Won My Last Fistfight With a Boy"
Amie Clevenshire Mollo
A graduate of Northwood University, Amie has more than 10 years of advertising sales and ad agency account services. Her specialties include: account management, client liaison, planning and ad trafficking, and management.

Well, she’s movin’ on up. Amie has been promoted to Go-To Person, and thank goodness for small favors. Where else would the staff, clients and vendors go in search of answers, the right ones, and tangible get-‘er-done items? Amie is like your GPS. You have no idea how it works, but it gets you to where you want to go every time. She is rattleless under pressure, has a desert-dry sense of humor, and has added standup paddle boarding to the litany of sporting endeavors in which she excels.

Go To Person
"I Was Named After the Song "Amie" by Pure Prairie League"
Marcia Nielson
A graduate of Monroe Community College, Marcia runs the Ryan Williams office systems with the competence and efficiency of a seasoned professional. Her specialties include: bookkeeping, AR/AP systems, billing, and general office management.

Marcia is certainly the most active in the local community of anyone at Ryan William’s.
In addition to maintaining the agency books, she volunteers as a guide at the Jupiter Lighthouse, and with Florida Atlantic University’s Continuing Education Program. She cultivates her creativity outside the bookkeeping office by creating one-of-a-kind quilts. You’ll see several of her creations hanging on the walls at RWA.

Numbers Person
"I’d rather be quilting"
Tammy Fazio
Tammy has more than 15 years of graphic design and ad traffic experience at a number of magazines, special events and ad agencies. Her specialties are creative development, layout and design and production management.

If Ryan William’s Agency were a slave ship, Tammy would be the one cracking the whip. She handles production and printing schedules, procures pricing and outside services, assists with layout and design, and generally controls the chaos with all the precision of a Key West cat juggler. Tammy is warm, caring and sensitive. However, she attempts
to camouflage her softer side by hurling all manner of straight talk like an NFL quarterback throws bullets to keep the agency machine churning out product.

Production Person
"I Once Took a Long Walk Off a Short Pier"
Andy Wright
A graduate of Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, Andy began his career as an art director in New York for a number of notable ad agencies including Grey Direct, Draft, DDB and Bozell. His marketing and design work can be seen in various national campaigns by companies including Microsoft, HBO, Verizon Wireless, American Express, Audi of America, The New York Times, Carnival Cruise Lines and the Florida Lottery. His strengths are in branding, print, broadcast, direct mail, collateral, digital promotion, social media, retail and packaging design.

Married with four children—and the dog, of course, required when raising a houseful of children—Andy is a family man at heart. He says, “watching my kids grow up,” is his favorite pastime, and you get the feeling he means it. He hails from Buffalo and so has an affinity for chicken wings and an aversion to snow. He says he loves the outdoors and is up for anything new and fun, with an emphatic emphasis on the word “anything” that leaves the staff wondering.

Head Creative Person
"I've Slept Outside in 3 Feet of Snow."
Jason Upright
 A graduate of Santa Fe College, Jason has more than 20 years of writing and editing experience, including newspapers, magazines, websites, books, technical writing and agency copywriting. His specialties include: creative development, copywriting, editing and more recently website development.

Jason is the old man of the agency, although you’d never know it by his sophomoric humor and little boy clothes. He prefers working out of his home, he says, in order to better focus on multi-syllabic words, although we suspect it’s because the agency requires wearing more appropriate attire to the office than boxers and a Dolphins jersey. He has a gentle soul, a soft mind and a crusty demeanor, and has recently converted all his personal assets into guitars.

Word Person
"I Have Social Anxiety Disorder and I am in Charge of Social Media"
Chris Couey
Chris is a senior level interactive solutions provider specializing in website development. He graduated from University of Central Florida in 2000 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Communications. He is expert in online marketing, Google Analytics, search engine marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization and has professional experience in a wide array of website platforms.

Chris is married with children and adores his family, all of whom he says are active and in love with the outdoors! When he’s not elbows-deep in cyber space, Chris, his wife and his kids can be found on the water boating, swimming, snorkeling or fishing, or snowboarding on vacation or ATVing. “Work hard, play hard,” Chris says is his motto, and we can attest to the “work hard” part.

Web Person